What we heard about the Anglesea Mine Rehabilitation and Closure Plan

over 2 years ago

15 August 2017

Alcoa is pleased to provide a summary of the feedback received about the Anglesea Mine Rehabilitation and Closure Plan.

In June 2017 Alcoa undertook phase three of its community engagement program to seek feedback from the Anglesea community and key stakeholders on the plan ahead of its submission to the State Government for approval.

The Community Engagement Report outlines the feedback received by Alcoa during the engagement period.

The release of the plan for community feedback was part of Alcoa's three-phase community engagement program that commenced formally in March 2016 inclusive of a range of engagement activities and communication, in addition to the ongoing Alcoa Community Consultation Network.

Considerate of the feedback received Alcoa is now looking to finalise the plan ahead of its submission to the regulator, the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources - Earth Resources Regulation.

It is expected that Alcoa will release the a draft Master Plan for power station freehold land late in 2017, for community consultation. In line with previous phases of engagement, a range of activities will be scheduled to ensure the community and key stakeholders can review the draft plan and have the opportunity to provide further feedback and input.